Guida Prosecco take part at the F.RE.E Munchen

This year Guida Prosecco will take part to the 48th edition of the 2017 F.RE.E the Leisure Fair and the Monaco trip.

The fair will be held February from 22 to 26 at the exhibition center of Munchen.

Each year the has many entrance, last year over 122 million – an average of more than 30,000 people a day.

Unmissable event for those who are looking for ideas and information to plan a trip a 360 ° of the entire tourist offer: from trips for families, to the destinations for those who love holiday immersed in nature, from cruises to spa vacations. A big space is given to new trends from trekking to the holidays in a camper or caravan, nautical tourism mountaineering.

You don’t miss an opportunity to find the best of tourism and leisure in one location.

Why Guida Prosecco attend at the

Guida Prosecco has the opportunity to show the area of ​​the DOCG Prosecco, Conegliano, Valdobbiadene, Vittorio Veneto, Farra di Soligo, Asolo, Montello and other city with their vines have made this famous sparkling wine and easy to drink, the Prosecco Superiore DOCG.

Guida Prosecco is promoting to enhance not only the Prosecco, but throughout the country.

Unexplored hills are a treasure for tourists who seek the quite but also the originality to know places rich in history, art and culture.

Guida Prosecco, is the ambassador abroad to introduce these territories. Thanks to its app, turns out to be the first of the Prosecco area guide run by locals, completely free and offline. A revolutionary system to suggest what to do based on context.

Tourists, thanks to this app, are able to do:

  • move and seek the guide and offline map without additional cost;
  • book a restaurant or a hotel by the application;
  • book a wine tasting thanks to WineTasting services 
  • find a place in the map and have directions;
  • Use the application anywhere and offline;

Guida Prosecco makes over, and this edition will officially present the new magazine to date, for tourists but also for those who live in this area.

Promotions, news, always available and updated events.

Usefull services that allow the user to have more information and knowledge of what surrounds it: from the cellars, accommodation, hotels shops. All at a click.

WineTasting, it turns out to be the second opportunity for tourists to book their wine tasting. Only the cellars and tastings certified at the best price guarantee.

Winetasting gives the opportunity to live a unique experience, transforming the classic wine tasting experience to remember.

In addition to the opportunity to those who have a cellar, to register on the portal and to introduce your company, enhancing it and promoting it.

WineTasting is a service available and usable throughout Italy, thus exiting from the DOCG Prosecco boundaries.

February 23 press conference with the operators and the German journalists.

The day will involve the whole exhibition area as a result of the Press Conference on 23 February with journalists and German tour operators (during the tasting, will be suspended the B2B and B2C activities at the tables that will be used to create an informal networking situation); moment important meeting between the Buyer and the Seller in order to activate partnerships and collaborations in food and wine tourism, thus giving visibility to the Prosecco territory.

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